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General terms of use of spicker.ch

These special terms and conditions apply to spicker.ch and are published on spicker.ch.


Legal information on spicker.ch

By accessing the information, services and using the contents and functions (hereinafter referred to as "Information and Functions") made available through the website, the user expressly agrees to the following specific provisions. Otherwise, the user shall refrain from using the website and accessing the information and functions. spicker.ch reserves the right to amend these special terms and conditions (in particular the safety instructions and duties of care possibly contained therein) at any time. The user shall be notified of any amended special terms and conditions by appropriate means, in particular by electronic means (Internet, e-mail).


Scope of services and restrictions

The website enables the user to access certain information and functions made available by spicker.ch. spicker.ch may at any time without special notice extend or restrict the information and functions available on the website or discontinue the service of the website in its entirety.


Exclusion of liability for guarantees

spicker.ch does not warrant that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the available website & servers are free from viruses or other harmful elements. The user uses this website at his own risk.

The user is aware that access to the website is via the Internet. spicker.ch accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee that the functions of the website will not be interrupted or are faultless, that access to the website will be possible at all times or that the website or the relevant server is free of viruses or other harmful elements.


Liability of the user

The user is liable for all consequences resulting from the possible unauthorised interception of data by third parties.



Visiting the website is free of charge. spicker.ch also provides the information and functions in the basic offering accessible via the website free of charge. The user acknowledges that the use of the website may incur costs for the Internet connection and the download of data. The user shall clarify this issue with his Internet provider if necessary.


Data security for data transmission / data protection

When using the website, data is transmitted via the Internet. Data can therefore be transmitted across borders, even if the user is located in Switzerland. The user acknowledges that due to the open configuration of the Internet or any other possible communication channels it is possible that third parties in Switzerland and abroad may gain unauthorized access to the user's communication with the spicker.ch IT system despite all security measures taken by spicker.ch. In order to reduce this risk to a minimum, the user shall use all available means to protect the terminal equipment used by him, namely by updating the operating systems used.


Access Account

If you register as a user with the service, you must register by e-mail. By using such login procedures, you agree that spicker.ch may register your personal data. spicker.ch may introduce further means of identification or withdraw existing means of identification at any time.

  1. spicker.ch shall collect the personal data of users in compliance with the provisions of data protection law. The personal data shall include the user name and telephone number, the registration date, the IP address used and the fact of participation.
  2. spicker.ch shall not pass on the users' personal data to third parties or shall only do so with the consent of the user concerned and shall not publish such data.


Duty of care of the user

spicker.ch will take all measures that are reasonable according to its current state of knowledge to ensure the best possible security of the website. However, it is essential that the user for his part complies with the duties of care applicable to him in order to be able to protect himself effectively against misuse. In connection with the use of the website, the user undertakes in particular

  1. to keep his access to his terminal device and thus to his account carefully and not to pass it on to third parties.
  2. to inform spicker.ch immediately if a third party at least possibly makes use of his own account in order to block access.
  3. not to install any damaging third-party software on the terminal device.
  4. not to operate the website on a mobile device whose security configuration has at least possibly been manipulated (e.g. by so-called jailbreaking).
  5. to download and install any updates of the operating system used on the mobile device provided by the device manufacturer as soon as they are available.

Electronic communication and the right to change conditions

A certain availability of the website is not guaranteed. In particular, unforeseeable technical problems and maintenance work can lead to downtimes and delays.

spicker.ch may change information and functions without giving reasons. In this case spicker.ch will inform the users about the changes.

The users shall not be entitled to assert any claims against spicker.ch on the basis of such changes.

If you use the spicker.ch website, you authorise us to communicate with you electronically. By using the website, you agree to these terms of use and accept to receive notifications in accordance with the terms of data protection.

The website is for information purposes. spicker.ch has the right (but is not obliged) to refuse or remove content or photo uploads by users, as well as to block content or access by certain users.

spicker.ch cannot and will not guarantee that the identities of users are correct. You confirm that spicker.ch shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by reliance on the information.


You confirm that content that you write on the site and in conversations (1) are not fraudulent, false or misleading; (2) do not violate the property rights, publicity rights or privacy of any third party; (3) are not illegal and do not violate any international, national, regional or local laws, rules, regulations or ethical principles in your home country or in Switzerland; (4) do not compete with spicker.ch; (5) are not defamatory, threatening or slanderous; (6); are not obscene or contain child pornography or other material harmful to minors; (7) are not offensive, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, blasphemous or racist; (8) does not contain viruses, Trojan horses or other computer program routines that damage or interfere with, or systems that expropriate data or personal information; (9) does not circumvent, reproduce, attack or endanger the technical security and legal provisions of the website.


Temporary suspension or termination of the service

You may terminate your use of the Site and your account at any time in its sole discretion by sending an email to info@spicker.ch. Termination of the Service will generally become effective within 7 business days of receipt of the notice of termination. At the same time that you close your account, access to your previous account will be suspended.

At any time, without prior notice, with or without cause, spicker.ch reserves the right to refuse, modify, limit, temporarily suspend or terminate part or all of the Service and the user account.


Proprietary rights of content

You acknowledge that spicker.ch has the property rights to its own website and the content created by spicker.ch. You shall not modify, copy, reverse engineer or attempt to derive the source code of the website. All property rights shall remain with spicker.ch.


Information control and storage

You agree that spicker.ch is not responsible for the deletion of content and other data/information.


Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

The use of the website and the information and functions made available through it, as well as these terms of use, are subject to Swiss substantive law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Basel-Stadt.


Basel, April 2019